9 K-Pop Idols With The Cutest Eye-Smiles



There are plenty of features that fans love about their idols, such as nice figure, long legs, stylish fashion and hair… But there are some things that only a few rare idols can pull off at will. Check out these 9 K-Pop Idols With The Cutest Eye-Smiles!

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"겉으론 상처 하나 없는데 왜 이리 아플까
There’s no wounds on the outside, why does it hurt this much"

MBLAQ – Scribbles (via dareunsaram)
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"왜 난 쉬운 일이 없어
Why can’t things be easy for me?"

Boyfriend – Do (via dareunsaram)
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"달아나도 가지못해
Even when I run away, I can’t get away."

Brown Eyed Soul – You (via dareunsaram)
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So I showed my dad Seventeen

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Anonymous said: Hello! I just wanted to ask, I've been seeing some short previews of VIXX being solo guests in All The Kpop (last year I think)? And I've watched the first episode with the infinite coin challenge thing... but I can't seem to find the continuation wherein Ravi's dressed as a lady??? Do you happen to have come across the full video of that? Also, thank you for your work in subbing videos! You guys are awesome!


that episode has not aired and we don’t know if that will ever be released :(((( -f

It’s a really sad story, i always wanted to watch that episode its full of Leo beating vixx up and ravi crossdressing ugh why~~~~

-Admin R

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To Kitayama: Thank you for seriously yelling at me that one time. 

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"내 충혈 된 눈이 더 익숙해진 너와 텅 빈 마음으로
My eyes are bloodshot and I get used to it and this empty heart"

Geeks – Hold It Down (via dareunsaram)
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"왜 도대체 매일 같은 이유로 맴도는 지 난
다 지겨워 다 지겨워
Why am I circling over the same thing every day?
I’m sick of it, I’m sick of it"

Urban Zakapa - Sick of It (via dareunsaram)
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"난 지친 것 같아
모두 믿을 수 없어
어디서 약을 팔어
I think I’m exhausted
I can’t trust anyone
Is there any medicine?"

Yoo Sung Eun – Healing (via dareunsaram)
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"난 정확히 반쯤 죽어있어
I am exactly half dead these days"

Primary - Poison (독)

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no one wants to play with seungcheol

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because you are Duizhang, I want you to come up and tell everyone the truth.

because you are Duizhang, I expect you to be a man.

because you are Duizhang, I hope you act like one.

because you are Duizhang,

I believe in you..

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